Salvaged. Repurposed. Reinvented.

Lily In Flux is the work of Lizz Godfroy, artist, designer, scavenger, maker. Using a rotating collection of vintage objects, antique materials, urban artifacts, natural curiosities, and ephemera, she creates 
Adventurous Jewelry for The People.
Each piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry embraces the history of the objects & materials used, and celebrates the stories & memories attached to them.
© 2011 lily in flux. All RIGHTS RESERVED. 
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"I have always been a scavenger of sorts, constantly collecting even the most unassuming nostalgic treasures, ephemera, things left behind, objects with history, & stories from the past. My goal is to bring the past into the present by making something beautiful and interesting out of discarded bits of life. I use found objects and urban artifacts with history, like 1950's eyeglass lenses, skeleton keys, bullet casings, animal teeth, chandelier crystals, deer antlers, vintage jewelry parts, & clock mechanisms. I can turn just about anything into tiny wearable assemblages. All of my work reflects this need to salvage & repurpose, mixing paper and paint, objects and artifacts, text and textures to create a story, a puzzle or simply evoke emotion." 
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