Hi! I’m Lizz, creator and designer of Lily In Flux, Adventurous Jewelry for The People. I transform stones, fossils, crystals, organic materials, and found objects into wearable art. Although I make each piece in the present, my jewelry more often feels like it’s from the past; ancient artifacts excavated from some sunken treasure ship. Every winter, I travel to the fantastical Tucson Gem Show to hand select the materials in my jewelry. From huge rough crystals to tiny, delicate opals, it’s one of the most magical scavenger hunts you could ever imagine. I love meeting with rock hounds and geologists, and learning about where the stones, artifacts, and crystals came from. The inspiration for design follows, and flows with endless possibilities.

Every piece from Lily In Flux is made using several different techniques, including soldering and/or copper electroforming, as well as oxidizing, grinding, and polishing. The result is a distinct, modern, relic-like aesthetic. I think of copper electroforming as a kind of alchemy, a mix of science, art, and a little magic. It is the finicky process of orchestrating copper growth onto a conductive surface using an electrolyte bath and electricity that can take anywhere from 16-48 hours to complete. From start to finish, each piece takes several days to complete.

Since 2009, I have been dedicated to creating and sharing my jewelry with the world. I believe that making something that enhances another person's life, however small a difference it makes, enhances my life and adds to the overall joy in the world. All of my work is uniquely imagined and handcrafted by me in my home workshop here in Cincinnati, Ohio.