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Lily In Flux

Featherhead w/ Tentacle Wall Mount

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Owl+Octopus Zombie Eyed Sculpture with interchangeable feather accents

Made To Order ~ Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery for made to order pieces, depending on inventory.  Each piece will vary ever so slightly in patina application/color and feathers/eye stone, making each featherhead one of a kind. 

Add a touch of the extraordinary to your collection with this handcrafted copper owl+octo sculpture. This meticulously crafted piece features intricate detailing and a blend of vintage and industrial aesthetics. The sculpture showcases a beautifully textured owl skeleton with an agate eyeball and octopus tentacle with patina green and copper accents. Delicate guinea-hen feathers (locally collected) with black and white spots add a whimsical touch, enhancing its mystical appeal. Or, exchange them with feathers from your own collection. Perfect for lovers of steampunk, fantasy, or oddity decor, this piece is a standout addition to any space. Hangs easily on any small nail, keyhole hanger design and brand logo on back. 

- **Material:** High-quality copper, resin, feathers, agate
- **Color:** Patina green, bronze
- **Dimensions:** 9"h x 3"w
- **Unique Features:** Hand-painted details, feather accents
- **Care Instructions:** Dust gently with a soft cloth

Embrace the fusion of art and whimsy with this captivating steampunk owl-octo sculpture, a true conversation starter and a perfect gift for any art enthusiast.


Natural stones, minerals, crystals, brass, copper, silver, jewelry solder, various metals in chain and findings, love, magic, life.

General Care Instructions

*In general, you can wear most all of these pieces every day. Casual water exposure is totally okay and shouldn't harm any piece. Just keep your jewelry away from salt water and chlorine pools/spas.

*If your silver pieces tarnish or fade, you can brighten them up with a silver polishing cloth or a super fine steel wool. (just don't wash the piece right after using steel wool as the particles from the steel can cause rust if wet)

*Fragility: Fossils, stones, crystals, are natural and made of all sorts of some can be more fragile than others, like some fossils or thin crystals. Just use common sense if you're like, rollerskating or jumping on a trampoline.

Copper Care

Pieces: Why does copper turn your skin green? Copper is considered
healing and has been used for so long in human history that people have
learned to live with green skin...which is kinda strange, right?
Actually, it’s totally normal and it is not harmful to your health.
reacts naturally with our salty skin, which can be created whenever we
sweat. Copper is an element found naturally in the earth. When it is
exposed to air, it darkens or tarnishes, forming what is commonly
referred to as copper “patina.” After prolonged contact with human skin
where it can interact with air, sweat and other chemicals, such as
soaps, lotions and makeup, copper can turn green or bluish-green, and
stain the skin in the process. The reaction varies according to an
individual’s body chemistry, both in how long it takes for the green
discoloration to form and in how pronounced the color becomes. Some
people experience no discoloration. The discoloration, incidentally, is
not harmful to one’s health, and is readily washed off with soap and
water. If not washed off, it is normally absorbed by the body overnight.

Modern Relics

Every year, I scour the Tucson Gem Show for mineral and stone specimens. Each piece is unique and radiates the pulse of life in it's own way. Back in my home studio, I transform these natural treasures into wearable art.

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