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Lily In Flux

Starstuff ~ Colombianite Statement Ring

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Colombianite specimen, copper electroformed with organic texture for a relic look. oxidized, polished and sealed. One of a kind ring:) Size is slightly adjustable from about 8.5 to about 9.5, I will size it for you if necessary as the band is thick. Please indicate your preferred size if you would like me to adjust it for you. 

Colombianite, also known as Piedra Rayo, is an ancient form of obsidian glass that closely resembles a tektite. Piedra Rayo translates to “Lightning Stone '' and is believed to have been the “Cintamani Stone” from sanskrit teachings and literature. It was estimated that these stones are around 30 million years old, which is extremely unique for any type of Obsidian. Most Colombianite forms in small ovals and spheres with irregular grooves along the outside that look nearly identical to the “hedgehog” makeup of moldavite. Upon first glance, you may think that this is a solid, bold stone that is unable to be penetrated by light. However, shining a light through Colombianite will result in the black exterior being overwhelmed by a smoky or yellow transparent color that shines through. Pieces are generally sold by the gram due to their rarity and can usually range from a quarter-inch in size to up to a few inches. Local villagers and tribespeople make a living by hand mining these pieces. There are only a few known deposits in regions of Colombia coming out of the area of Cauca.

 **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Lily In Flux does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.


Natural stones, minerals, crystals, brass, copper, silver, jewelry solder, various metals in chain and findings, love, magic, life.

General Care Instructions

*In general, you can wear most all of these pieces every day. Casual water exposure is totally okay and shouldn't harm any piece. Just keep your jewelry away from salt water and chlorine pools/spas.

*If your silver pieces tarnish or fade, you can brighten them up with a silver polishing cloth or a super fine steel wool. (just don't wash the piece right after using steel wool as the particles from the steel can cause rust if wet)

*Fragility: Fossils, stones, crystals, are natural and made of all sorts of some can be more fragile than others, like some fossils or thin crystals. Just use common sense if you're like, rollerskating or jumping on a trampoline.

Copper Care

Pieces: Why does copper turn your skin green? Copper is considered
healing and has been used for so long in human history that people have
learned to live with green skin...which is kinda strange, right?
Actually, it’s totally normal and it is not harmful to your health.
reacts naturally with our salty skin, which can be created whenever we
sweat. Copper is an element found naturally in the earth. When it is
exposed to air, it darkens or tarnishes, forming what is commonly
referred to as copper “patina.” After prolonged contact with human skin
where it can interact with air, sweat and other chemicals, such as
soaps, lotions and makeup, copper can turn green or bluish-green, and
stain the skin in the process. The reaction varies according to an
individual’s body chemistry, both in how long it takes for the green
discoloration to form and in how pronounced the color becomes. Some
people experience no discoloration. The discoloration, incidentally, is
not harmful to one’s health, and is readily washed off with soap and
water. If not washed off, it is normally absorbed by the body overnight.

Modern Relics

Every year, I scour the Tucson Gem Show for mineral and stone specimens. Each piece is unique and radiates the pulse of life in it's own way. Back in my home studio, I transform these natural treasures into wearable art.

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